Deportation Requests and Complaints against Shay Cullen

Shay Cullen often mentions in his ‘stories’ that he has had requests for his deportation by people behind the “sex-ring” and corrupt government officials.  He made a grave mistake in writing about me and I believe it will be his downfall.  This is a compilation of so much information about the real ‘Fr. Shay Cullen’.    

The first request was from the Christian Laity of Olongapo.   So,  I would beg to differ that corrupt government officials and ‘sex-ring’ syndicates were behind the requests for his deportation.   These are some of the documents and retypes of those documents that I brought back from the Philippines.  None of these requests are in his Bureau of Immigration and Deportation File.   One can only wonder why.


The land in Olongapo where the present day Preda sits was stolen from Fr. Bob Garron of the organization Drug Abuse Research Foundation, Inc. (DARE), according to a complaint filed by Fr. George L. Loiselle in 1974, the date that Shay Cullen states often that he founded PREDA, which originally stood for “Prevent, Rehabilitate Drug Abusers” but now stands for many reasons such as “People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance Foundation, Inc., and even more recently as the Preda Children’s Home and Childhood for Children, Preda Foundation, Inc.  The case of theft against Cullen was dropped at the request of the Catholic Church as it did not reflect well on the church.  Fr. Bob Garron left the priesthood  but further information on him can be found on the internet. 

Not one government agency, including the Department of Social Welfare and Development has ever questioned the cross purposes of DRUG ADDICT REHABILITATION and having ABUSED CHILDREN in the same facility.  The reason for this is that Cullen’s foundation Zaren was set up for drug abuse victims.  Cullen was not taking care of sex abuse victims until many years later when he realized there was no money in drug abuse but stories about sex would get attention with the media and funding organizations.  Cullen learned that ‘Sex Sells’ and the money flowed in.


In July 1982, Shay Cullen began an attack on the Mayor of Olongapo City, Richard Gordon, for his alleged cover up of a sex abuse scandal involving minor children. Mayor Gordon, for his part, accused Shay Cullen of releasing the information prematurely, allowing the perpetrator to escape justice.  Cullen also released pictures of some of the young girls in newspapers, he didn’t shield their eyes and called them ‘prostitutes’.

 The accused Navy man  was finally brought to justice in Guam, where he was given a light sentence of one year at hard labor instead of life because of Shay Cullen’s description of the children involved as “prostitutes.” This was reported in several papers in 1983. One such paper, the Guam Tribune, placed the pictures of the key men who had a hand in the conviction of this pedophile. Mayor Richard Gordon is on the top row of four men, with five more in the second row of pictures. Shay Cullen was conspicuously absent, yet he claims that it was his work that got the conviction of the man but Cullen did not go to Guam and testify as the Mayor of Olongapo City did.


This document was sent to the Bishop asking for the intervention of the Superior of the Columban Order.  I have retyped it and it appears below.


Olongapo City
4 September 1982
The Superior General
Columban Center in the Philippines
Thru: The Most Reverend Henry Byrne, ——
Bishop of Iba, Zambales


We, the undersigned members of the Christian Leity of the City of Olongapo and the Diocese of Iba, Zambales, wish to express our indignation over and censure of the actuations of Fr.Shay Cullen which cumulatively has produced no other effect than to undermine our efforts in improving the quality of life of our fellow Filipinos, and to erode our feelings of pride in our community and respect for our chosen leaders. An -unreadable—– Fr. Cullen should have behaved as a guest in this Country.

However, he has abused the hospitality of the people of Olongapo in particular and of the Filipino people in general by continually condemning our City, without in the least offering anything constructive. He has exacerbated problems we are working to solve, while doing practically nothing towards their solutions.  His prejudice and active dislike for our community is to us nothing
less than an insult to our self-esteem.
As a ‘journalist’, Fr. Cullen should have practized his ‘profession’ according to its ethics. Yet he has given unethical and irresponsible statement to the press. He talks of his ‘responsibility’ to
the reading public but has forgotten his responsibility to the people he writes about. He has demonstrated the height of irresponsibility in the recent child abuse case when he accused the City
Mayor of Olongapo and the Base Commander of connivance in an alleged cover-up prior to finding out the facts of the case from both officials and when he ‘branded’ the child rape victims as ‘child prostitutes’, and released a photograph which clearly showed their faces, giving the children the kind of negative publicity that will haunt them throughout their lives. (We even note with great alarm the fact that a letter supporting his actuations in this regard has been signed only by foreign priests.)
As a priest, Fr. Cullen should have been helping us in matters of Faith and virtues, giving us spiritual guidance. On the contrary, he has failed to demonstrate his priestly concern for the people of Olongapo.    We think that by his negligence, he has allowed PREDA to be used as the beneficiary of a fund-raising show featuring supposed fashion models parading in very flimsy and translucent clothing -unreadable—– which show was actually stopped by the PC for indecency.
We are revolted by his attempt to prevent the burial of the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tan in the public cemetery of Olongapo only because the burial site chosen by the bereaved parents was beside
the access road to this alleged drug rehabilitation center. He reminds us of the abusive Spanish friars of old, as he consistently and systematically casts aspersions on our capability to achieve
and live better lives, and as he persistently denigrates our sense of self-respect.
These, and many more, are reasons for our having lost our trust and confidence in, and even our respect for Fr. Shay Cullen. He is in fact a danger to the growth of this community because his
—unreadable— —— and divisiveness which would zap the will
Of our —-unreadable————to work for a better Olongapo.

This was signed by The Knights of Columbus, Holy Name Society, Daughters of Mary Immaculate, Knights of Rizal, Free and Accepted Masons and other religious organizations.  

I hardly think that these good people were members of a ‘sex-ring’ trying to get rid of one lone priest… Cullen.  They were just tired of his “shenanigans.”  

Bishop Byrne reprimanded Cullen and exhorted him to be less condemnatory and just do his work.

Bishop Henry Byrne died the following year and was replaced by:

Bishop Paciano Basilio Aniceto from October 1983 to January 1989.

Bishop Deogracias Soriano Iniguez from December 1989 to June of 2003, his writings to Cullen will be found in “The Victor Fitzgerald Case”.   Bishop Iniguez resigned two years before his 75 birthday.  The Vatican accepted his resignation.

Bishop Florentino Galang Lavarias was installed in 2004 and was reassigned on July 2014, three weeks after I was arrested.  There was no Bishop to help me.  The Bishop’s seat is vacant at this time according to my information.

In the charges of Cullen’s attempt to stop the burial of a child I have found the following information in an article written by Gigi Galang and published in the Philippine Free Press on March 31st 1990.

“In their petition, the officials said Cullen had committed acts against the sanctity of the dead, although there was no attempt on the side of the priest to physically remove the body from its grave, an act which constitutes desecration.  In 1980 the petitioners said, Cullen attempted – though in vain—to prevent the burial of Wilfredo Tan.  The burial site was near the driveway leading to a drug rehabilitation center called Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers (PREDA) Foundation which is located right beside the Olongapo Cemetery.

This is a quote from Mayor Richard Gordon in that same article.

“Is it right for a priest to come to the mayor’s house at 1.30 in the morning and order the mayor, saying “Get the body out, don’t let it be buried there, talk to the parents and tell them not to bury their child there?” asks Gordon.  And after I told Cullen to get out of my house because this is a Filipino who will not take dictations from a foreign priest, he then goes to my mother at 3.00 in the morning and tells my mother to talk to the Tans to stop their son’s burial simply because it will ruin the fence of Preda.”


More complaints covering 1981 to January 1984. and from June 1985 to January 1986.  This was written by an ex-employee not the ‘contract workers’ who Cullen claims were not entitled to benefits.

I, SALVADORE R. CALUYO, JR., of legal age, Philippine citizen, married and a resident of San Pablo, Dinlupihan, Bataan, Philippines, after having been duly sworn on oath in accordance with law, do hereby depose and say:

  1. I worked with Fr. Shay Cullen of PREDA, Olongapo City as Counselor-Therapist from March, 1981 to January 1984. and then from June 1985 to January 1986.
  1. I left PREDA because I cannot stand the way Fr. Shay Cullen treats me as a person, because he usually utters defamatory statements against me in the presence of other  people, such as calling me a ‘bastard, fucking idiot’.
  1. I work more than ten (10) hours a day receiving no SSS coverage and no overtime pay.
  1. In the course of my employment with Fr. Shay Cullen  I observed that he is a man of contradictions.   He claims to be for the workers but his workers at PREDA are not properly housed and they are underpaid as against the man hours they spend on their respective jobs.   All of us have no SS or Medicare coverage.   There is not overtime pay even if on call for twenty-four (24) hours.   There is no withholding taxes.  He claims to be anti-base but some of his supplies are taken from the Subic Naval Base.
  1. He claims to have provided the construction materials for the relocated families at Nagb—-   Olongapo City, but the fact was that he got the materials, like GI sheets, wood and drums from the Subic Naval Base.  In order for the relocated families to avail of the said materials they have to work at PREDA on odd jobs like clearing and greens cutting etc, with the said materials as payment for said labor/service rendered.
  1. He likewise claims to have initiated a street children’s program in Olongapo City but again the fact is that he was not part of the street children project in Olongapo City which was started in 1983.   He was only in the street children’s program in 1987.
  1. I have observed that PREDA is merely a front for Fr. Shay Cullen to earn money and to give a resemblance of legitimacy for his stay in the Philippines.  If he claims to be a missionary, how come he stayed in Olongapo City for more than fifteen (15) years, more or less.   He should have Filipino managers taking over the management of PREDA from him by this time.

                                    AFFIANT FURTHER SAYETH NAUGHT

                                                                                       SALVADORE CALUYO


 In July 1988, 16 Barangay Captains of Olongapo signed a letter to the Commissioner of Immigration and Deportation bringing to attention the complaints of their constituents for the “excesses of an alien priest, Fr. Shay Cullen in Olongapo City.” This document, although sent to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, does not exist in Shay Cullen’s file.


 In December 1989, more than 120 policemen signed a petition to effect the deportation of Shay Cullen from the Philippines.

In November 1989, the residents of Olongapo City petitioned for the ouster and deportation of Shay Cullen.


 In February of 1990, a petition to the Department of Labor and Employment was filed by no less than the workers for Shay Cullen, claimed by them that he had them working for “Manufacturing and exporting handicrafts” and had not paid them overtime, legal holiday, night shift and thirteenth month pay, did not give them leave, and had underpaid them in regards to the minimum wage.

 This same group of PREDA workers filed with the Social Security System at the same time for Shay Cullen’s failure to include them in the mandatory payments as required by Republic Act 1131 

 The above actions  were included in a letter to the Commissioner on Immigration and Deportation asking for the deportation of Shay Cullen BY HIS OWN FORMER EMPLOYEES, yet the request was ignored as of this date, and this letter and supporting documents were not in Shay Cullen’s file when it was investigated in 2004 at the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

 In July 1990, these same ex-Preda workers filed a position paper with the Department of Labor and Employment, referring to PREDA not as a drug rehabilitation center as originally viewed, but as “PREDA REHABILITATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CENTER.”


This is another a copy of a request seeking Cullen’s deportation as an undesirable alien.  The rewritten copy of this newspaper article follow.





 In 1994, the NBI released at least one report that stated without reservation that Shay Cullen interfered with an investigation, threatened, was otherwise abusive, arrogant and troublesome, and actually LIED to the NBI official about an ongoing investigation.  This document can be seen in the “The Case of Victor Fitzgerald.”


 In 1995, the NBI released another report involving Shay Cullen, again showing that Shay Cullen was manipulating the media to place himself in a good light and the NBI in a bad light. This was apparently tolerated by the government because of the title “Father.”

 In 1995, the City of Olongapo filed complaints against Shay Cullen for Grave Coercion and Resistance and Disobedience to an Agent of a Person in Authority (CC 546-96 and 547-96).


An interesting article written about Cullen in 1995.   Please  note that the gentleman who wrote this article does not refer to Cullen as Fr. Cullen.   

Padre Damoso rides – or writes – again

The Franciscan friar believed he was the Almighty’s spokesman, Woe fire and brimstone to him who believed otherwise.

This is what Fr. Shay Cullen, SSC, is doing to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, its officials, and its thousands of Volunteers.

Let us tackle his column – if a pack of lies or half-truths could pass for a column – last Sunday, November 13, the day when the President of the United States was in town.

First, there was nothing new in his allegation.   All his claims have been raised ad nauseam.   All this had been answered as early as July 27, 1994, not only at the Commission on Audit but also in Congress, when the budget of the SBMA was up for deliberations.   Every single item was scrutinized by eagle-eyed auditors and legislators.    It suffices to say that the SBMA, the diatribes not with standing, had passed the tests with the proverbial flying colors.

Second, Mr. Cullen again strayed from the truth when he said that thousands of SBMA volunteers have been going hungry.   The records show that the volunteers, praised all for their honesty, dedication, and patriotism, except in the column of a foreigner priest, had top priority whenever jobs were available.

To date, more than 11,000 volunteers have gained employment.  More are being trained for the labor requirements of more than 90 firms that have generated, in the words of Cable News Network, an incredible $650 million in investments in just under two short years.

These volunteers-workers also enjoy benefits mandated by law.    Do the workers at Mr. Cullen’s factory in Olongapo enjoy the same benefits the law prescribes for workers?

But then again, Mr. Cullen is a man of God, and like Father Damaso, his word is God’s, and let no one dare think otherwise.

Third, Mr. Cullen enumerated instances which would tend to show that SBMA officials and volunteers were all bumbling profligates.

Again, the records show otherwise, as the attached reply of SBMA Chairman Richard Gordon to the ……. proves

The SBMA, its officials, and volunteers have written, and making a difference, despite all the odds, despite and Father Damasos.

In the end, this is all that really matters, the slings and arrows notwithstanding.

Finally, Mr. Cullen claim that a huge sum was spent for psychiatric examinations.   This was expended for security personnel and firemen.

                                                            Leopoldo Pusing

                                                        85 Rizal Avenue W.T.

                                                            Olongapo City

In light of the public’s appreciation for their work, and in the light of Mr. Cullen’s wild, wild claims, we all wonder indeed who really needs a psychiatric examination.


 In 1996 the citizens of Olongapo City signed a petition declaring Shay Cullen “Persona Non Grata” and requesting that the deportation proceedings be revived. The petition further states cases of land grabbing by this Irishman, selling of donations to needy families for his profit, and his interference with justice and government programs in more than one instance.

 In June 1996, the Barangay of Gordon Heights issued Resolution No. 12, Series of 1996, which was furnished to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation with a demand for his immediate deportation.


 In April 1997, another complaint for the deportation of Shay Cullen was initiated by several residents from not only Olongapo City, but also Subic, San Marcelino, San Felipe, San Antonio, and Castellejos in the Province of Zambales, and Morong, Bataan.
 In 1997, the Barangay of Barretto, Olongapo City issued Resolution No. 31, Series of 1997 urgently petitioning the authorities to deport Shay Cullen.


Cullen kidnaps a little girl and takes her to Preda. This case is discussed in Rape Charges filed against Cullen on this website.  It covers many years.

 On 25 July 1998, the Bureau of Immigration sent Shay Cullen a letter demanding an answer within ten days. The filers of said complaints against Shay Cullen were never given any response, and this letter sent by the BID was not in Shay Cullen’s file in July 2004.

 In August 1998, a letter requesting further input for the deportation of Shay Cullen was sent. No reply of any sort was ever received from the BID, and the letter, hand carried to the BID was not in Shay Cullen’s file in 2004.


 On 26 January 1999, the Department of Justice forwarded to the Commissioner, Bureau of Immigration, Magallanes Drive, Manila, another complaint for the deportation of Shay Cullen. Although this inter-department endorsement is available, the file in the BID did not have this document in July 2004.

.In February 1999, the Department of Science and Technology sent a letter out in response to a request about the financial statements of Preda. The letter stated that no audited statements were available for the years 1996-1998.

 In March 1999, the above Department  sent out another response signed by the very same person stating that Preda was fully accredited.  A strange occurrence. 


  On 8 August 2000, the BID provisionally dismissed the complaints for the deportation of Shay Cullen. Again, it seems that all the background complaints filed by other Filipinos were ignored for the benefit of a rich Irish person who publicly disparages the Philippines not only in the media here, but also abroad and on the Internet.

This letter was sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Cullen’s  column is no longer published in that newspaper, he now writes for the Manila Times.


Foreign Correspondent

Blk. 2, Lot 17 Sta. Monica Subdivision

Subic, Zambales,


Phone# +63-919-554-7355



-The Editor in Chief-

By Fax

March 3, 2000


I must disagree with the Letter to the Editor submitted by Mr. Alex Hermoso (Women and Children First, PDI 3/2/00), in the strongest terms.

I have visited the Preda website before. It showed frontal pictures of women and children alleged to be victims of abuse. I thought it was an oversight on the part of Preda.

I have talked to former Preda staff, who have spoken of “well-orchestrated” media stunts performed at the expense of children. All of these were allegedly staged for the benefit of foreign donor organizations. I dismissed it as “sour-grapes”.

I have spoken to some of these children and their parents. Tales of alleged manipulation and custody battles unfold. I thought, surely a priest would not do that.

Most of the questions on Preda were silenced mostly in deference  to a priest who acts as its director. Now the bishop and all the other 45 priests of Zambales have spoken against Father Cullen and Preda.

There is a Hebrew saying that goes something like this: “If a man calls you a donkey, pay him no mind. If two men call you a donkey, pay them no mind. But if three people call you a donkey, get thee a saddle.”

And yes, I believe that our women and children should be protected from all those who would violate their rights. They should also be protected from the myth that calls itself Preda.

With best regards,

 Peter Goldman

Peter Goldman died in the Philippines but this will tell you who he was:

The promotional film for “Strawberry Fields Forever” was filmed on 30 and 31 January 1967, in Knole Park in Seven Oaks. It was directed by Swedish television director Peter Goldman. 

The following article shows that the Bishop was aware and commenting on the behavior of Shay Cullen.


In the following story, Cullen accuses his Bishop of receiving payoffs.  Cullen cusses at reporters and the case against Fitzgerald is discussed.  He also states  that he will get the Nobel Peace Prize which he did not. Fitzgerald’s case can be found on this website.  I find it fascinating that Cullen has no objections to having innocent children’s faces and names put on the internet in violation of everything decent and the law.



This is a reprint of the front page story in the newspaper “Freeport” published June 2000.  It mentions the case of Mr. von Ballmoos whose case is also on this website.

Legal Cases pile up against Cullen, Preda

Legal actions against Father Shay Cullen, an Irish missionary priest and founder and president of Preda Foundation continue to pile up.

After having been charged for libel by Davao City Mayor Benjamin de Guzman, Cullen now faces child abuse cases for publishing the real names of an alleged child abuse victim and her alleged abuser in national dailies, Philippine Daily Inquirer and in the internet.

Olongapo Acting City Prosecutor Rufino Antonio said “the negative publications against the children are acts or deeds made by the respondent (Cullen) which are meant to debase, degrade or demean the intrinsic worth and dignity of the children as human beings.

Worse, the child abuse case that Cullen filed against this alleged abuser was dismissed for having “no leg to stand on.”

In his decision, dated May 26 this year, Antonio noted that the victim’s videotaped statement, which was taken by Preda without the consent of her parents and without legal counsel is not admissible in court.

To add to Cullen’s woes, Olongapo Fourth Assistant City Prosecutor Rodrigo Beltran filed charges of perjury May 18 2000 against Cullen’s staff for lying in court.

In addition to these, a German Court ruled last month (May 18th) against Pro 7 Media AG, the biggest television station in Germany and ordered it to revoke its film showing a Swiss businessman, Hans Rudolf von Ballmoos, as a child abuser.

A television crew from Pro 7 Media AG was part of the ‘raiding team’ organized by Cullen five years ago, to arrest Ballmoos for allegedly selling minors to foreigners.   The case against Ballmoos was dismissed by the then Secretary of Justice Teofisto Guingona, again for lack of merit.

The alleged victim claimed that while she was at Preda after the raid, the TV crew and in front of Cullen, gave her $300 in exchange for admitting before the camera that she was 15 when in fact she was 19 years old then.

In its decision, the German Court ordered PRO 7 Media AG “to air within one month after the Entry of Judgement of this Decision of one of the series of “Die Reporter” and before their broadcasting the first news article and with the title “Revocation” the following revocation by its moderator.

“The Pro 7 Media AG is revoking the allegations made during their broadcast on October 17, 1995 that Mr. Hans Rudolf von Ballmoos, Swiss businessman, alleged owner of the Alpenblick Bar and formerly residing in the Philippines, did offer Philippine minor girls to sex tourists and porno producer.  The allegedly offered minor Carmela (not her real name) was actually 19 years.

In a letter of apology to Ballmoos written in March 1997, Carmelito Vicente, then head of the Public Affairs Office of the Department of Justice, expressed the hope that “the full measure of justice is given to Mr. Ballmoos if only to minimize that modern-day racket of information-manipulation-for-personal gain, now a growing cancer worldwide.

A source said that Ballmoos, who had filed the case in German Court, will return to the Philippines to file charges against Cullen.

Early this year, the Bishop of the Diocese of Zambales and 27 other priests signed statement calling for a retrial calling for a retrial of Australian Victor Fitzgerald who was convicted of prostitution.  Bishop Deogracias Iniguez claimed in his statement that “Cullen might have exceeded bounds in prosecuting alleged pedophiles.”

The Bishop and the priests said they signed the statement after having been approached by alleged child abuse victims and their families claiming that they were offered P50,000 to sign statements implicating Fitzgerald and that they were threatened with incarceration if they will not cooperate.

The Bishop’s call was later supported by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines.




Alex Hermosa was second in command at Preda, Cullen met him in the 70’s and I quote briefly  from Cullen’s book ‘Passion and Power’.  

“It was from this group that one student, Alex Corpus Hermosa, from a highly respected family whose grandfather had received a papal award, became a highly motivated youth leader.  He was later to finish high school, go on to college, graduate with distinction and become a c0-founder and a director of the PREDA Foundation, a human rights organisation, I set-up a few years later.”

I find it interesting that in an article in ‘Columban Missionaries Britain’ it states:

“Fr. Cullen took action seeking to save the lives of children, destroy the sex tourism business and stop the violation of human rights by co-founding the PREDA (Prevent and Rehabilitate Drug Abusers) Foundation in 1974 with Merle and Alex Hermosa.”

It would appear that Alex Hermosa was still in high school or entering college in 1974.  In checking the Article of Incorporation for Zaracen, the name of the foundation Cullen really set up in 1974, his name is not there.


In July 2004, Alan Dale Edmonds and his Filipina wife wrote to the BID requesting the deportation of Shay Cullen.


 In January 2005, Shay Cullen put on the Internet that a deportation complaint was filed by “local officials” (not by common people).  This same web page stated that his building permit, denied by the local City Engineer, was overruled by the National Government, but he does not identify the overruling office, if it exists at all.

 In February 2005, the BID sent a demand to Shay Cullen in reference to his website, with an admonition that he is “urged to submit all immigration documents and evidence to controvert the accusation against you.”

On 21 March 2005, another letter was sent to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation as to Shay Cullen’s disregard for this country’s laws, based upon his own web site, yet this time, there has been no answer.

As can be seen above, the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation have failed to act upon a most undesirable character.


Things started getting really nasty in 2008 when Mr. Edmonds, Father  of the little girl raped by Cullen, was the target of one of Cullen’s mass media campaigns to have Mr. Edmonds deported.  This is part of the information I have, it is part of the documents I brought back from the Philippines.

 This was written by Mr. Edmonds

“In 2008, a more serious campaign was launched to deport me involving letters from all over the world claiming that Gloria had to be placed in involuntary custody and that Oliver was continuing to abuse her. During those hearings, I submitted my passports and other documentation to show that I was legal and that his allegations that I did not pay income tax in the USA, that I defrauded the US health care system, that I was an overstaying alien, and other mud-slinging accusations were all patently false.  The bare fact that RESPONDENT CULLEN did instigate the worldwide demand for my deportation is proven by the sheer numbers of requests received by the BID from all over the world, to which I have already replied in 2008.  Separately, RESPONDENT CULLEN, Alex Corpus Hermoso, Ariosto Arellano, Robert Garcia, Ammabelle Facturanan, Francis Bermido, Jr., Norman Lee Labasbas and Shawn Dave Brooks filed for my deportation, to which I supplied a counter affidavit on July 28, including my passport and visa stamps.  This is where RESPONDENT CULLEN obtained the information with which he had someone hack into the computers at Bureau of Immigration and Deportation on March 23, 2009 at 7:08 PM in an attempt to discredit me, separate my family and I and generally obstruct justice, he and several of the complainants are on trial for libel in Branch 72, RTC in Olongapo City.”


It gets nastier. 

“In 2009, RESPONDENT CULLEN had someone hack the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation computers, putting a falsified entry into their records that indicated I had arrived in the Philippines in 2009 on a 21-day authorized stay, said computer entry attached as


” A search of when I departed the Philippines was made, said search showed no travel from 1993 to present.   The fact that he obtained my passport number in 2008 during his falsified complaint for my deportation is evidence that he is underhanded and cannot be trusted, and he used the privileged information to hack into the computer system of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.  There is NO WAY that I would believe that a person within the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation would obtain the passport number of anyone and input it into their computers falsely, and the only person that fears my existence in the Philippines would not be beneath such a underhanded, cowardly misuse and abuse of his power of persuasion and has the money to buy off any government official he chooses.  This obvious attempt to frame me for being an overstaying alien is TYPICAL of RESPONDENT CULLEN, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a conniving, underhanded, scofflaw alien who will do anything and everything to ensure that he remains untouchable, despite his criminal rape of a child and buy off of officials in government.”

The following document is from the Bureau of Immigration.  It is proof that Alan Dale ‘Sunshine’ Edmunds had been in the Philippines since 1993.   He had not left the Philippines and was not an overstaying alien as accused by Shay Cullen.


20120419 BID printout of departure search

Shay Cullen makes a generalized statement that he is being under “illegal surveillance” in such a way as to disparage the government of the Philippines, but the surveillance was actually done by private individuals.

Shay Cullen makes a baseless complaint against the police and government officials, but also says that the detainees were allowed to go free while the government officials were distracted and then the Preda people, with the detainees, sped away, alluding pursuing police.

Shay Cullen revives his complaint against the installation of power distribution poles as if it a new event on his website, disparaging the government for rerouting the newer, higher power poles as a danger to children.

His stories of being protected by ‘street children’ in Davao are a joke.  What kind of man would allow children to place themselves in harm’s way by surrounding him, only a coward.  Filipino children are friendly and will follow you anywhere especially if candy or a few peso might be their reward.  Anyone who has traveled in the Philippines knows this.  

Cullen loves to talk about ‘assassinations’ attempts on his life.  Again, if someone wanted him assassinated it could and would be done.  A simple head-shot. No one would want that done to Cullen as it would only make him a ‘martyr’.  



This is the year that charges were taken out against me for illegal detention of 5 children and child abuse. 

British woman, 65, ‘threw spear at officials’ as she was arrested for allegedly running Philippines ‘House of Horrors’ where children as young as six months suffered abuse

  • Lillian May Thomson, 65, facing charges of illegal detention and direct assault on government officials
  • One child found tied to a chair in a locked room in house near Subic Bay
  • Another child said to be a six-month-old boy found severely malnourished
  • Three girls, all aged seven, were alleged to have been sexually abused

By Richard Shears for MailOnline


EXCLUSIVE – Children CAGED to keep the streets clean for the Pope: Police round up orphans and chain them in filth during pontiff’s visit to Philippines

  • Street children in Manila are being rounded up before the Pope’s arrival 
  • Officials claim it is to stop gangs of beggars targeting the Pope
  • But critics say it is a cynical move breaching the children’s human rights
  • MailOnline investigation finds horrendous conditions at the centres
  • Children forced to sleep on floors and kept with adults who beat them
  • Some children have been starved and chained to pillars in the centres
  • One child rounded up 59 times – yet he is still living on the streets

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Simon Parry wrote this article along with Shay Cullen.   The article shows horrible pictures of children being held in detention centers. The following article in ABS-CBN news states some very interesting information. 

               Click here to read ABS CBN news article  

Govt to question NGOs on ‘caged’ street kids

By Rainier Allan Ronda, The Philippine Star

Posted at Jan 18 2015 09:35 AM | Updated as of Jan 18 2015 05:35 PM


MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) will summon the executives of two non-government organizations who were quoted in a tabloid report as saying the government apprehended and “caged” street children to keep the streets clean ahead of Pope Francis’ visit.

The People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance (Preda) Foundation, headed by Fr. Shay Cullen; and the Bahay Tuluyan, Inc., whose officials were quoted in the British tabloid Daily Mail Online.

The apprehended street children suffered from miserable conditions in shelters, particularly in Pasay, the tabloid also reported.


“We will ask them what their motives were for claiming those things,” DSWD Secretary Corazon Soliman said in a press briefing at the Social Welfare and Development Center for Asia and the Pacific office in Taguig City yesterday morning.

Soliman said she will insist on the meeting despite the NGOs’ admission that they have no evidence to back up their claims.

“The first thing we did was we called them. They said they have no evidence on the claims they made. But we still want to talk to them,” she said.

Soliman reiterated that the DSWD had investigated the NGOs’ claims and found them to be baseless.

So, it would seem that Shay Cullen was asked to appear to show proof of ‘caged’ children. He was unable to show the proof.   His ‘stories’ printed in Daily Mail Online and other papers, during the visit of Pope Francis, were disgraceful but as this is Cullen’s way of raising attention to his “Godly’ work he is able to raise huge sums of money.

It is interesting that the Preda website was, in Cullen’s words “hacked.”  at this time.  I and others firmly believe that Cullen took the website down himself just in case the government of the Philippines would read the negativity he was writing on his website.

I have looked at the pictures published in Mailonline and by right clicking on the image and choosing ‘save as’, one can see the horrible pictures were prepared by Cullen for Mailonline.  The nice pictures of the Pope’s visit are taken by another camera.

So, not even the Pope’s visit to Manila was exempt from Cullen’s lies.  It was an embarrassment to all Filipinos and I can only imagine how Filipinos, working abroad to take care of their children, would feel. 

The photographs concerning children were pictures prepared by Cullen not by the reporter of the story. 


Another article about me is again printed in Daily Mail Online but this time  by Simon Parry the same author of the article about the Pope’s visit to Manila, an article which could not be substantiated.    Simon Parry  lives in Hong Kong with his wife and four children.  His website Red Door shows his ability to get headlines.This time his story is that I am being hunted for internet abuse of children.  

   Click here to see Simon Parry’s website

‘World’s worst foster mother’: Global hunt for British woman who handcuffed seven-year-old girl to a chair and starved a six-month baby amid police fears she was linked to paedophile ring in Philippines

  • Lilian May Thomson is thought to be linked to a paedophile ring for tourists
  • Briton, 66, is on the run after abused children were found in her rural home
  • Arrest warrants have been issued but she is suspected of fleeing overseas
  • Thought she may have evidence about major paedophile ring in Subic Bay
  • Peddles children for tourists in Barrio Barretto red light area of Olongapo

Click here to read the story written by Simon Parry

 In this story that Cullen and Parry  had published in 2016 with photographs of the farm which shows what had been my home, with laundry hanging outside was so upsetting.   I had not been at the farm in nearly two years.

 I did go to the farm with my lawyer and the prosecutor in December 2014.  I had to prove that there could not be a surveillance of my home by the NBI who had supposedly  been standing in the river pretending they were surveyors.  The river in which they say they were standing was at least 16 ft. below the level of the farm    My house had been ‘ransacked.’ 

This is a ridiculous story, if the British or American authorities wanted to find me it would be a very simple thing to do. If for some reason they can’t then they can email me at  “Sherry Zimmer”

I will be more than happy to talk with them, the same way  I talked to members of Homeland Security while I was being detained for 4 months in a Philippine Detention Center.

Please look at the webpage called “The Children who were ‘Rescued’.   The children were my life and Cullen has taken the life I had away from me.