Rape Case against Shay Cullen


This case is very upsetting, for so many reasons.  I stayed with Mr. Alan Dale “Sunshine” Edmonds and his very kind wife for two weeks when I returned to the Philippines in January 2015.  The little girl in this case is his daughter, the same age as the little girls I had taken care of and loved for seven years.

Mr. Edmonds has fought long and hard to get justice for his daughter.  Anyone who helped Mr. Edmonds was labelled as part of a ‘sex-mafia’.  He was helped during this ordeal by Mr. Harry Joost who Cullen described as ‘Dirty Harry”.  Mr. Joost is discussed in the Case of Mr. von Ballmoos.   Mr. Joost’s restaurant was described, by Cullen, as a ‘sleazy bar.’   At the end of this webpage I have placed pictures of the ‘sleazy bar’.  It was  a typical Filipino restaurant on the beach, frequented by lots of normal people.  I have also included a note written by reporters from Davao.

In reading the following letter, written nearly fifteen years ago, one can feel the rage of the father. This is the same rage so many other parents feel whose children have been abused and can’t get justice from the Courts or the Church.    Mr. Edmonds has tried so hard to get justice for his daughter.  

I heard about Cullen’s antics in  2008  when Cullen obtained the property for his new Girl’s Home just over the river from my farm in Barangay Aningway Sacatihan, Subic, Zabales.   People warned me about him but I shrugged it off.  If I had paid more attention or learned more of Cullen and his antics then, I might have been more prepared for what happened to me.  



June 5, 2002

As a father of a raped child, I have anger against you, as you raped my daughter when she was only seven years old. She said so, I believe her, and you even provided evidence to your own guilt. You claim your status as “Human Rights Workeramong other names, but you cover up your misdeeds with lies and half-truths. Shame on you!

You say to the world that you have been “exonerated.” Not true! You may have some people sitting on the case, in order for it not to go to court, but it is NOT over! Certain members of your staff are liars, and that is a matter of public record: The resolution that ordered the withdrawal of the perjury case against them even stated that even though there were lies in the documents in question, the document was not required by law. Technicality only, and it does not remove the fact that the lies were done, does it?

Consider your own exonerationby the deposed President Joseph Estrada of the rape charges filed in court:

It states that the rape could have occurred at any time between November 11, 1997 to February 11, 1998 (my daughter claims January 2930). The only boy implicated in said rape prior to your accusations against my son was removed from my daughter’s presence on October 17, 1997, nearly a month before the rape could possibly have happened, according to this dismissal, and at a time when my daughter’s hymen was proven INTACT by medical examination. Further, not examined in the exonerationis the fact that my daughter was examined again at the same hospital on January 29, 1998, and no change to her medical condition was noted when my daughter was placed in your custody at 3 P.M. this day, but did change after her stay with you. I talked to the doctor and nurse in the presence of a journalist as a witness concerning this, and they stated that they are willing to testify as to my daughters physical condition. You even had the balls to state in an affidavit that the doctor could be forgiven, for he did not recognize more serious lacerations due to lack of equipment to properly examine a hymen! A laceration is a tear; no special tools are needed to see that except a flashlight and maybe eyeglasses! The doctor even identified much smaller abrasions in the genital area; abrasions being mere scratches, so indicating that his eyesight was quite sufficient. So, your statement that a doctor cannot see more serious tears, which would destroy a hymen over abrasions that were seen and identified shows how much you covered up the truth.

Again, you state categorically that you did not do the rape: Why, then, did her medical condition be found to be different only after she was removed from you by court order? Further, why is the logbook entry that you submitted in your defense BACKDATED? According to the entry, my daughter was in your care sometime around 5 A.M. on January 29. Amazingly, the police blotter in San Antonio stated that she was picked up at 15:00 (3 P.M.) on January 29. Do you have some sort of time machine? Please let me borrow it to protect my daughter from her rapist – YOU!

To go on: Why does your staff (Alex Corpus Hermoso, Judith Rivera, Lilia Guma, Naty Kindipan, Leizel Pascual, Carina Baldonado) only admit the presence of my daughter beginning on 31 January 1998? Inconsistencies like these make it likely that my daughter was raped while in your care on January 29 – 30, and the evidence just gets thicker the more we go into the details! You covered up that mistake by saying I only signed agreement to allow my daughter to be placed in your care on January 30. Not admitted is the fact you knew I did not speak the local language, I am not Catholic, and by nature would not place my daughter knowingly for a year in your care as called for in a document completely written in the local language while also BEING DEPRIVED OF EVEN ALLOWED TO VISIT HER IN VIOLATION OF MY PARENTAL RIGHTS. I have proof of that fact.  You wish to deny that I was not allowed to visit my daughter.

For example, my daughter was denied to attend her own birthday party by you on the 31 st of January. My daughter would have said something, and you knew it! Your attempt to cover that invitation even to have your staff attend the party failed – your doctored “transcript” of my interview with you did not completely wipe out the fact that we had been talking about her birthday party on the 13th and 14th pages of the full transcript you so thoughtfully provided that says that pizza, ice cream and cake was being delivered for a party at Crazy Horse, and open-air family place that had an outdoor concession near the beach fronting the National Highway for such things as horseshoes and parties. Why could you not allow any attendance at such a public place in full view of passing motorists? What did you have to hide, anyway? Oh, I forgot: The rape would have been told in the open to too many witnesses, right?

I should also mention that the DSWD promised the return of my daughter in two to three days, said promise being IN WRITING. Why was it only after a full week you began to implicate my son in the alleged rape of my daughter? Oh, yes, so you would have an excuse to keep my daughter from being returned to her family! Do you deny that you attempted to have my daughter implicate me as one of her rapists? I am proud of her that she withstood that attempt, and she certainly did tell me you tried very hard to have her say I raped her as well.

Certainly, you know that my daughter said that you told her that she would never return home, and that was said to her on the very first time she was taken to you. Imagine how this seven-year-old child felt, knowing she was going to be deprived of her family? Why do you think that she was emotionally traumatized when she was turned over to the DSWD on 26 February, nearly a month in your “care”?  Many people have said that my daughter was disturbed at that time. She was mentally and emotionally tortured by your treatment of her, you so-called “Human Rights Protector” (better to say “child abusing liar”).

Further, without any prompting whatsoever, she made statements to her caretaker that she was told that if she did not do what she was told, she would be denied food and care, and have to sleep outside!!!  What kind of an animal are you to say such a thing to a child?  Further, she admitted that there were no toys, she did not attend school, and she was often spanked.   Human Rights Worker indeed!!!

Now comes the charges against the two boys for what you did: Why, on February 3, 1998, when you had the one boy in your custody, you took him to your favorite prosecutor, the ONE ESPECIALLY ASSIGNED TO HANDLE CHILD ABUSE CASES, forced the twelve-year-old boy to sign two (2) documents for two (2) instances of rape with the promise to him that if he did sign the two documents, he would not be charged (verified in one of said prosecutor’s affidavits)? OK, so ONE document he signed DID state that he admitted to two (2) counts of rape. The other
document stated that he knew that I was sexually abusing his older sister, also a minor. WOW!!! Now he’s charged ~ for raping my daughter. Liar!

But with such “evidence” against me, no charge was ever filed. Why not? The law (RA 7610) requires immediate filing of any instance of rape of a child. You published on your web page for the whole world to see that I was raping a minor, so you should have been obligated at that time to file the case. Is it because you knew that the case would fall through at that time because you did not have any real evidence against me, that the whole family, including the girl herself would testify to the contrary (which she did, by herself no less, when she was 19 in her own sworn affidavit).

You never filed charges against the boys (my son included) until 18 June 1999, a year and a half later!  WHY? Rape is a serious charge, and should have been filed as soon as it became known! You had been proclaiming to the world they did it since February 1998!  You didn’t file it because it was false!!! The evidence that there was no rape was found on October 17, 1997. You
abducted my daughter 104 days later, kept her until she was forced out of your custody on February
26, 1998, YET YOU NEVER FILED A CASE (in violation of RA 7610, which says any case of rape must be filed immediately)!

  The case you and your staff did file was dismissed by the prosecutor. You appealed the decision to the Department of Justice and got your way in the filing of the case against my son, even though you lost your appeal for the dismissal of charges against you (filed in the same appeal) for violating RA 7610 (remember you stated that there was no such law in your counter affidavit, yet you publish it on your web page).

Note also that those charged in court for perjury are also complainants against my son. Certainly they have an axe to grind. But they are still liars and this will be brought up in court, believe me. They can back out at any time. They didn’t rape my daughter – you did. Don’t you ever think I’ll let you forget that fact, along with all the proof of your guilt you have so graciously given me. And by the way: The real rape will be uncovered in that trial, don’t you agree? I do not intend to oppose the trial. Let the facts be laid out and the guilty made to suffer. The penalty for rape is death in this country: Think of that and what you are doing to these and other children.

You made statements that priests found to have been abusers should be defrocked. Great statement! l’m all for it! When will you resign? I guess that’s too much to hope for. Your thoughts are in a mental cul de sac, and the only thing you attest to are your lies and perversions of the truth.
You do remember the time in the prosecutor’s office that you told me to my face that you will hound me until l am an old man? Thank you. Hound away, fool. Guess what? I am not afraid of you one bit. Even though I have a bullet hole in my gate. Even though you never say a single nice word about me nor to me.

Oh, wait, I take that last statement back. On 17 September 2001, about 9 AM., you said to me as I walked into the prosecutor’s office in lba, Zambales, “Good morning, Mr. Edmonds.” I admit that caught me by surprise, but immediately a small man walked into the room, studied my face very carefully, turned around and left. Interesting. I almost told him “Next time, bring a camera.” So, when the meeting was over, I stayed in the office for a few minutes, and when I left, I went a different way, around the back.

Imagine my (un)surprise when I found a jeepney with some people in it, who pointed at my car. Two of them got out of the vehicle, and ran (II!) toward my supposed departure direction (the little man was not one of the two people running, so I assume he was waiting for me). I went a different direction, stopped about two hundred meters away, and asked a friend I knew to go and look. Strangely, the vehicle I described was still there, but now empty. I was told that when the people returned, one of them, a small man, was carrying a bag.

Golly, did you try to have me assassinated (again)? After all, that is the ONLY time I have ever heard you greet me like that! Were you also behind my attorney’s attempted assassination? That is also a matter of police record too. Seems that people opposed to you are in danger of death. By the way, whatever happened to the child April Alcantara? According to things that I have read, you were the last person to be with her. Is she still alive, or is she dead? I understand she had some bad things to say about you as well. She disappeared while with you almost ten years ago, right?

In this country, there is the death penalty for rape of a child. In your country, there is not. Perhaps you should consider allowing yourself to be charged there for what you did here. Either way, you will be punished. For me, I’d like to see you punished here because of what you really are. The world does not need liars and abusers like you, and eventually you will be caught. You decide. If you really want to expose yourself to the world, continue to lie. Eventually, they will bring you down to the level you really deserve.  You are nothing but a con artist, making money from other people’s sufferings, interfering in things you have no rights to and were even warned to stay out of, but you are so convinced that you are indestructible that you expose yourself not only ridicule by the local media and others, but even the Clergy, some of whom have referred to you in less than flattering words.

You even filed a case for deportation against me, and I was never given the chance to even know about it until the resolution was out (thank goodness it was dismissed). Why? Am I that much of a danger to you? Who did you pay to keep me in the dark over this most serious accusation?   Why do you charge me (as well as a person who was then in jail) for running a web page on the internet when I (and he, obviously) did not even have access.

 Note that I do not attack your people in Preda unless they wrongly defend you, as I did with Robert Garcia and Gladys Escasa, who were charged in court for perjury. I know they work for you; therefore, do as instructed. I’ve been told that they now get more money. I’m glad for them, but they work for a lying child rapist. They and any other member of Preda who knows what you are should quit while they can. You will go down. Don’t take innocents with you.

Inasmuch as I do not have the power that you do as far as getting the word out to the people, due to lack of money (your statements about how rich are your detractors really makes me laugh – especially when you turn ALAN DALE EDMONDS and honest people into “sleazy bar” owners and operators), I am resorting to this open letter. I will send it to anyone I can. I will forward it to people who can get it to other people all over the world in order to expose you for what you are.

If you think I hate you, you have a very good reason to believe it: I do. I am not a “Pedophile Protection Syndicate/Ring” as you tell the whole world; I as an individual have filed more than 50 cases against you, you God- damned PEDOPHILE, and will continue to do so every time you open your mouth about my daughter, my son, or me. I am not a bar owner, nor operator. I am simply a man trying to live a quiet life with my family. You won’t leave us in peace, so I intend to fight back with my whole being.

Hound away. I will repay the favor.


Father of raped and abuse/accused children

A copy of the arrest warrant charging Cullen with RapeCullen warrant of arrest.jpg




Cullen evaded justice by legally being allowed to petition the Department of Justice, which forced the court to halt its proceedings.

However, when the Department of Justice DENIED his petition, the Court was free to issue a warrant for his arrest, and Cullen was no longer allowed to plead to anyone but the court.

So, while hiding in Manila, for 6 months, from the warrant for his arrest, he petitioned  the Office of the President of the Philippines, which is NOT a permitted line of legal defense, as it is no longer within the Department of Justice, but is, in fact, the EXECUTIVE branch of government, not the court branch of government.

The executive branch of government acted as if it were a court and ordered the case removed from consideration by the courts.  That is neither legal nor proper.  His LEGAL options were:  Trial, decision of the court, appeal to the Court of Appeals and then to the Supreme Court – NOT in any way to the executive branch of government.

The fact that President Estrada was impeached estrada pictureshows that the corruption it was accused of having was indeed deep and insidious. And Cullen and his supporters were part of the corruption by this blatant act of interference in the legalities of law.

Cullen can brag all he wants about his innocence but he was not found innocent. The case was only removed from consideration.

 Cullen was not found innocent and neither was President Estrada.

Former Philippine President Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada was found guilty by the Sandiganbayan (anti-graft court) for plunder but found him not guilty on a count of perjury.

The Philippines’ 13th President was arrested in April 2001 after being ousted in a peaceful revolution in January of the same year for allegedly amassing US$ 85 million (PhP 46=US$) from kickbacks and for failure to declare his true assets and liabilities as a requisite for any public elected or appointed official.

The 262-page decision stated that, “The predicate acts alleged [in the two cases] were linked by the fact that they were plainly geared towards a common goal which was the accumulation of ill-gotten wealth … and that they shared a pattern or a common method of commission which was the abuse or misuse of the high authority or power of the presidency.”

Cullen, who says he fights against corruption, certainly used the Church and President Estrada to keep him for being tried for rape of a little girl.

At around the same time  this was also going on in the Philippines.

This was printed by the BBC on July 8th 2002.

 The Philippines Catholic Church has apologized for sexual abuse by hundreds of its priests over the last 20 years.

To the various crises in society, we must now, with great sorrow and shame, add problems in the Church

Archbishop Orlando Quevedo

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines said on Monday that it was now drafting guidelines on how to deal with such offences by its clergy.

When sexual scandals involving Catholic priests in the US came to light earlier this year, the Philippines media began reporting on abuses by local priests.

Monday’s statement was the first official response from the Church in the Philippines, where at least 85% of the 76 million-strong population is Catholic.

Hundreds suspected

According to the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, about 200 of the country’s 7,000 priests may have committed “sexual misconduct” – including child abuse, homosexuality and affairs – over the past two decades.

“To the various crises in society, we must now, with great sorrow and shame, add problems in the Church”, said a statement by the bishops read to a news conference on Monday.

“Sexual misconduct on the part of shepherds of the flock betrays the holy priesthood that Christ has shared.”

A protocol is being drafted by the bishops on dealing with sexual abuse cases. The guidelines will include encouraging victims of assaults to file criminal charges, said the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference.

The Philippines is one of several Asian countries which have been wracked by sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church in the past few months.

Bishops in Australia and New Zealand have apologized to dozens of victims of sexual abuse carried out by priests and police are investigating several priests in Hong Kong for alleged indecent assault.

This statement by the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference states that the victim of sexual abuse  should file criminal charges.  Such easy words for him to say in a country where the Catholic Church rules.   CHARGES WERE FILED by the little girl’s family but Cullen got off by using his contacts in the Catholic Church and the Office of the President.

All of this took place before the scandal of 2002 which erupted all over the world and before other priests were charged for sexual abuse in the Philippines.  Cullen’s rape case  might  have been the first but he managed to use his “Power” and the power of the Catholic Church over the government of the Philippines.

One more letter I found and this time by Miss Payomo, the daughter of Mr. Edmunds’ housekeeper.  This letter throws a little more light on the case and Cullen’s methods and it is chilling.


January 21. 1999 Rose stated in her affidavit what, and how, she was told by Cullen:

  1. Some six or seven years ago, my mother accepted a job as a housekeeper and babysitter from the American citizen Alan D. Edmonds, at this time residing at Bo. Barretto, O!ongapo City.
  2. When Mr. Edmonds bought a house in West Dirita, San Antonio, Zambales, my mother worked there too. Due to the problems of transportation, time and the facts, to have to take care for two households, with the permission of Mr. Edmonds, she took my brother Roger and me to San Antonio and we stayed at his house.
  3. At this time, Mr. Edmonds family and ours was actually grown together like one big happy family. My brother, the two Edmonds children and I were like brothers and sisters with my mother and Mr. Edmonds as the head of this “family”. We went to see the rest of the Payumo family, my real family mostly on weekends when there was no school.
  4. All of us children “sneaked” into Alan Edmonds rooms once in a while, while he was sleeping. We, respecting and loving him as an aider brother or better, even as a father, felt save and sheltered near him. Sometimes, when Mr. Edmonds woke up, he was happy with all “his children” around him*11. Never was there any idea or feeling of sexual nature. We all were only happy.
  5.  I have heard about the facts that my brother Roger, Oscar Edmonds and Gracia, who   played together almost every day, played together sometimes in October 1997 and during this occasion, touched and showed each other’s private parts. This I heard only when Gracia has told it to her teacher, while she was watching a campfire at the school and the teacher told he to go home.
  6.   I have heard too, that this “playing” was the reason that on October 17, 1997 the teacher of Gracia after she was told by Gracia about her and Roger playing “doctor” with each  other, reported this dutiful to the DSWD of San Antonio, Zambales, fearing a possible  abuse of Gracia. She was not aware that we were actually one big family. She thought my  brother Roger was a stranger.
  7.   Mr. Edmonds on October 17,1997, after having been informed about this incident, scolded   Roger and banned him from his house. Being informed about the medical examination and   the result, confirming that actually nothing serious has happened did not want to take any   risk in the future. We discussed this extensive after Roger was gone and received very    strict advises and orders for the future from Mr. Edmonds and my mother. That problem  was set to rest.
  8. On February 3, 1998, my mother, Roger and I have been called to PREDA. The reason, it was told to us was to clear the name of my brother Roger against the allegation, launched in connection with Gracia and my brother playing “doctor”. Gracia whom I consider some- how like my younger sister, having grown up with her the last six or seven years, was taken to the Preda Center.
  9. All at us, sure that nothing bad had happen to Gracia, that my brother Roger who just turned 12 years old at this time and might have just started his puberty, has done nothing wrong to Gracia, went to Preda to settle this subject and to take home our “sister” Gracia. We went there in good faith and willing to cooperate with the people there and with Father Shay Cullen, whom I trusted in advance, being a priest.  I was still 17 years old at this time.
  10. After initial talks, I was separated from the rest of my family and taken by Shay Cullen upstairs into a room. Questioned by him, I told him about our big family and about the fact too, that all of us children “sneaked” into the room of Mr. Edmonds, as explained already, once in a while. Shay Cullen suddenly started to talk to me in a way and using words, I never heard before and will never like to repeat. I was feeling very dirty, ashamed and insulted.
  11. These talks of him lasted so long and I was already near to cry. I was feeling like the lowest class of girl in a red-light district, I have heard about before. I was shocked and totally stunned. I could and did not talk anymore. I was feeling cold. I can still see his face in front of me and will never forget it, which looked so delightful, as if he enjoyed this situation so much.
  12.  After this long insulting time in that room, I was brought back to my family. Still shocked I could not even object when Shay Cullen suddenly attacked Mr. Edmonds, accusing him to be my lover, having had sex with him, being the price for the house 0f Mr. Edmonds, which is registered on the name of my mother and many things more. I wanted to get out of this bewitched house. I wanted to get out and cry alone and to forget this worst experience of my life. I could not believe that this man was a Priest.
  13. We went home after this terror attacks which is coming up to me many times since, like a nightmare. I went into my room and cried. I never talked about this nightmare any more. Seeing our beloved family almost falling apart, I took in consideration to run away. It took a long time and only after Gracia was back home, I calmed down and tried to forget all of it.
  14. After talking to my brother, talking to Gracia and all other members of our family, I realized the full impact of the things happened to Gracia and me at Preda. I am telling all of this fully hearted on my own and without anybody instructing me. It should be told. I want to make me free of all these terrible things and to shed light on the things happened.
  15. I will state again and again that Mr. Edmonds, whom I respect and love as an older brother or father, never even tried to take any sexual or other advantages from me, never touched or abused me. My family and l owe him our better life and my chance for a decent education. Without his kindly help, it would look different to all of us.
  16.  I never lost my faith in God because Shay Cullen as a Priest is not <a man of> God and I honestly believe not even speaking in the name of God. It took me a long time to realize this.

IN WITNESS, HEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand on this 21 day of January, 1999 at Olongapo City, Philippines.      Rose Payumo

                        SUBSCRIBED and SWORN to me this 21 day of January 1999.

    I HEREBY CERTIFY that I personally interviewed and examined the herein affidavit, and am satisfied that she voluntary executed and understood the foregoing statement.

                                        ADMINISTERING FISCAL

This letter is also self evident:





20001003 Annex 3 - Statement of John Brand page 2


This is the typed statement of the little girl’s handwritten words


was brought in Preda by Mam Bing <Mary David>.  And brought again in the office of CullenS(sic.),

<After orientation and supper, at about 7: 00 p.m.»

“where he talked to me and told to Mam Bing that I will live to Preda. I said I don’t want to live there. I was forced
by Fr. Cuilens to live in Preda. He didn’t allow me to go to
a birthday party and I cried. He must be put in Jail
because he have
a lot of young kidnap girls like me.
” I was raped by Cullens (sic). Cullens forced me to take a medicine shape like round and its color is orange, and
he brought me in his room and he took off his clothes and short and his brief. He said he is just going to pee, but he
me to lay down in bed and I sleep.
“When I woke up I was naked wearing nothing and I feel so much pain in my private part. I weared my clothes
again and hid below the bed and nobody saw
me and I sleep.

Preparing this has been very hard for me to do.  I have spent hours reading about all the cases that Mr. Edmonds filed against Cullen in an attempt to get some sort of justice for his daughter.  It would make any parent cry.

Cullen calls  everyone who goes against him as part of a “sex-ring”, or pedophile protector and this includes me, I am sickened by all of this.  

Mr. Joost’s life was also ruined by Cullen’s accusations but I have found some pictures and as they say, “A picture is better than a thousand words.”  These are the pictures. 

This is the restaurant that Cullen said was a ‘sleazy bar’.   It was a German restaurant serving good food, at the beach, in Barrio Barretto, Subic.   Mr. Joost worked with Cullen until he realized what Cullen’s modus operandi was.  The Case of Mr. von Ballmoos and what happened to him is on this website.  An open letter written by Mr. Joost is also on that page.

Mr. Pumpernickel's Restaurant (1998)

20051018 Buffet area inside Mr Pmprnkls20051018 Mrt. Pumprnkl outside diningvictim002

19990916 Aida and Harry Joost

Shay_Cullen_affidavit_of_Mr_Pumpernickel_s_a_sleaz (1)

I have written out some of what Cullen writes on this affidavit against Mr. Joost with my comments.  Cullen posted this on his Preda website.

6.3 The place was not air conditioned or of pristine ambience, there was litter here and there, the tables had food stains, spilt beer on the floor and in that sense a little run down and in my considered opinion fairly described ‘sleazy.  The dictionary describes sleazy as cheap, trashy, common.  This of low quality and libels no one .  That the high ranking and important political and clerical customers that Mr. Joost claims to have been there may have found it a delight according to their taste.  But that is a matter of personal opinion and not a grave defamation of character or anything libelous.  He may call them as witnesses if this ever goes to court.

My question is: Why would there be air conditioning in a restaurant at the beach with open doors?  These pictures show a pretty nice Filipino style restaurant.  The food was German and from the note I have posted below it was good enough for reporters who came from Davao.

20000200 Reporters from Davao cropped

It would seem that the reporters took photographs of an unfinished building, locked gates to the children’s dormitory and the grilled windows.  They also took a photograph of the children themselves, hoping that Mr. Joost might identify some of them whose mothers were looking for  them.

.19980111 View of the children's homeCullen's Children's House (Jail)predakids00520000322 Air conditioners in main buildingNo playground equipmentlockgate2lockgate

Cullen loves to say that there are no walls or gates, that everything is open and free to move.  It sounds more like a prison to me and from my experience, at the hands of CulIen, I know what a prison feels like.  


This statement also reminds me of what one of Cullen’s ex-workers told me.   If one of the children escapes from Preda, then whoever is on duty is fined P 1,000, if three workers are on duty, Cullen makes back P3,000.

So, this is a reporter’s description of the place where the little girl was taken, raped by Cullen and couldn’t go to her own little Birthday Party.

Mr. Edmonds is a fighter and he has fought long and hard for justice for his daughter. I can only hope that whoever reads my website will understand what an evil man Cullen is.